A. Rights and the official sales network
I. darTZeel Audio SA is the only company which develops, designs, products and commercializes darTZeel products. darTZeel Audio SA has the exclusive rights for patents numbers WO03043185, EP1444776, US2004196101, US6882225 and CH695431, amongst others.
II.  darTZeel Audio SA commercializes its products and accessories through its official distribution network on exclusive contracts basis, settling and handling the following:
1. ountry (ies) where the distributor can sell darTZeel products.
2. End users’ pricing, taking into account freight and logistic costs, import taxes and duties.
3. Aftersales customer service policy.
4. The strict respect and supervising implied by high end products and darTZeel own’s philosophy.
III. darTZeel distributors handle their own official resale network in their respective country (dealers’ network), duly authorized both by the distributor and darTZeel Audio SA, to sale darTZeel products. Any dealer non-officially authorized by darTZeel Audio SA cannot sell any darTZeel product. Some exception may occur, under special distributor express agreement.
IV. Any darTZeel product bought and/or imported outside from the official network will be considered as a grey product and will be flagged accordingly.
In such a case, darTZeel Audio SA takes granted to:
1. Cancelling all warranty and service support rights.
2. Publishing on its web site all machines – with their serial numbers – acquired through a non-authorized way.
3. Giving information about seller and/or buyer if needed.
B. darTZeel customers’ protection
I. n order to protect the investment of our loyal customers, all darTZeel products bear a dedicated serial number which is stored in our database. This number allows us to follow the machine history through its all span life. Among others, the following information is archived:
1. Distributor and/or dealer name
2. Any potential update/upgrade implemented
3. Voltage setting depending on country destination
4. Machine history follow-up
5. Name of the end user
6. Warranty rights and validity
7. Second hand resale
II. When you buy any darTZeel machine, we strongly recommend you to follow these instructions:
1. Let darTZeel Audio SA know the date of purchase and the name of the seller.
2. For NHB series products:
a. Ask darTZeel your personal certificate of ownership and warranty, and also:
b. Ask for an identity plate if not already installed on your machine. Only official darTZeel name plates will be allowed.
3. For LHC and CTH series, ask your dealer providing you the software activation key.
III. Any darTZeel machine which won’t be registered in darTZeel Audio SA database, and/or without arguing for a valid serial number won’t be supported by darTZeel Audio SA, as explained above
in point A. IV.
C. Warranty
Warranty is granted to the first buyer. It can be transferable to a second hand owner, provided the machine remains in the same original country of delivery. The second hand owner needs to register her/his machine to darTZeel Audio SA, indicating the date of purchase and the name of the previous owner. Without this information no support will be provided.
Exceptions :
Second hand, abroad sales are allowed under following conditions:
1. The original distributor has been informed
2. darTZeel Audio SA has been informed
3. Serial number must be indicated in the sale ad.
4. New owner figures will be given to darTZeel Audio SA
5. Warranty will be void, though support may be provided directly
D. Brand new machine buying advices
darTZeel Audio SA is a high end manufactory willing to offer the best possible service and long lasting, reliable machines to its esteemed customers. Our sales and distribution policies are the only mean to keep this goal effective. Unfortunately, there are always some bad intentioned people trying to make profit with high end products by grey marketing them. They often work under anonymous/fake identities trying to make money at the expense of you, the final customer. These grey sellers do not respect the labour of love darTZeel Audio SA and its distributor network take years to put in place. They cannot provide any service, support or warranty rights. They cannot even give you the proof that they sell a genuine product. At the end, the victim is the end user: you.
Be aware! We dismantled a few times such parallel grey markets, so we know what we are talking about. PLEASE always follow these simple rules:
Nous vous recommandons donc vivement de toujours observer les points suivants :
1. Check your dealer is an authorized one.
2. Always ask for a detailed invoice, with the model of the machine and its serial number, date of purchase and so on.
3. Check that both the machine and the original carton bear the very same serial number. If your machine does not already bear its identity plate, check the hand engraved serial number in the plate slot is well the same. Never remove the handwritten serial number from the box!
4. Never, ever buy a machine which does not bear a valid serial number.
5. Let darTZeel Audio SA know you bought a new machine and ask foryour ownership certificate / warranty, or a new software activation key at your name. On NHB series products, you can get your name engraved on a new plate; darTZeel can make it for you. This service will be charged.
Now you are sure your machine is a genuine, approved one, you will be able to enjoy it without any worries. In any case we will be – as well as our distributors – at your service for any enquiry you would have.
E. Second hand buying advices
I. You bought from an official dealer
Official dealers can only sell machines officially imported in the concerned country. They are not allowed to sell you a machine coming from abroad. If you are not sure, simply contact us.
So, the machine he will sell you is either a trade-in from another customer, or a demo machine.
Always ask for a detailed invoice, with the model of the machine and its serial number, date of purchase and so on. Check that both the machine and the original carton bear the very same serial number. If your machine does not already bear its identity plate, check the handwritten serial number in the plate slot is well the same. Never remove the handwritten serial number!
Never, ever buy a machine which does not bear a valid serial number. Then, let us know you just bought a second hand machine, so we could update our database and complete the machine history as well. If you need a new identity plate with your own name engraved, we will be glad to make one for you. This service will be charged.
II. You bought from a private owner
Especially when you buy from Internet, always ask for serial number – so you could double check with us – and even ask for some close picture of the identity plate or handwritten serial number. Be sure that the carton also bears the same serial number. If you buy a machine from a first owner, you could also ask for a copy of the ownership certificate
If you are not sure about the origin of the machine and/or its history, please contact us. This is the only mean granting product conformity.
If the seller well respects our sales policy, he would already have contacted us announcing the sale, adding validity to the official provenance of the machine. If you feel the seller is reluctant in giving you any of the above information, be extremely careful, and eventually simply don’t buy it! In case the machine would not be an authorized one, darTZeel Audio SA will not provide any service on it. If you feel you were abused in anyway, please immediately report your story to darTZeel Audio SA.
F. Buying darTZeel products in other countries
If you leave in a country not covered by our international distribution network, please directly contact us. Let us know your full name, address, phone number and so on.
Depending on your living country, we will offer you the most adequate solution to serve you as follows:
1. We will reroute you to the nearest distributor available in a neighbourhood country whom we will give the authorization directly dealing with you, or
2. We will directly sell the machine to you from Switzerland at the official end user price. For obvious reasons, darTZeel Audio SA will not sell at lower prices. However, you will benefit from factory-direct warranty and service.
3. darTZeel Audio SA is handling exclusive distribution for Switzerland and Lichtenstein, at same pricing/warranty conditions as described in above previous point.