In the Name of Music

The human being himself, to the extent that he makes sound use of his senses, is the most exact physical apparatus that can exist.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Scientific Studies

The passion of a man

darTZeel Audio SA and its products are the result of Hervé Delétraz’s lifelong dedication to reproducing music in a truly convincing and natural way. In 1984, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for his degree from L’Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Genève, he designed his first audio amplifier.

Today, darTZeel electronics are recognized worldwide as musical instruments capable of reproducing recordings with the entire palette of tone colors and with lifelike dynamic range.

Most consumer electronics—even some very expensive audio components—are designed primarily from the standpoints of manufacturing efficiency and cost savings, and with specifications (such as output power and measured distortions) as their primary selling points.

We beg to differ. Listen first, measure later. Never the other way around. That’s the way we design our products. We stand with Goethe when we say that many things that can be measured are actually not that important, while many things that are extremely important cannot be measured. Theories of physics will never be able to explain why certain things touch the human soul. In music, the human being must be the measure of all things.

When we audition a new darTZeel design, the critical question is, “Does it make the music feel real?” No new design goes into production until the final prototype sounds to us like a musical instrument.

Make no mistake, however. We are not anti-technology, nor are we stuck in the thermionic past. All darTZeel electronics, from the first resistor to the last bolt, use state-of-the-art technology in design, and best practices in manufacturing. All darTZeel electronics are handmade with pride in Geneva, Switzerland.
Of course, we could provide you with nearly endless technical claims and figures. But at the end, what matters most, graphs and numbers, or your musical pleasure? For those intrigued by the more technical aspects, our Gazette [link] will address this subject, amongst others.

For those who simply love music, we strongly recommend paying a visit to your local darTZeel dealer for an audition.